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Zero Point Enterprises, the company that brought you the Code Zero and the Sparrowhawk, now bring you more fun than you can handle in the form of The Little Bandit!

Is your child lonely or depressed? Don’t spend your hard earned money on therapy, buy that kid a Little Bandit! The Little Bandit’s patented Ikol engine ensures that this rugged little scamp is always up for having fun, day or night.

The Little Bandit isn’t just for kids either. Let him walk Fido, entertain Grandma or let him entertain the entire neighbourhood. If you can bear to let anyone else play with this lovable rogue that is.

The Little Bandit. Fun for the whole family.

[By signing the “Terms or ownership” contract, you agree that Zero Point Enterprises will not be held liable if The Little Bandit steals your valuables, kills your pets, beats your elderly relatives, redecorates your home, burns your clothes, swears at your children, terrifies the neighborhood or commits any and all criminal acts up to and including mass murder.]

The Little Bandit

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