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Alias: The Hood

Real Name: Carter Jackson
Affiliation: Villain /Vigilante former Us Marine, law enforcement officer
Power/ Skills: enhanced strength, durability, and reflexes Special weapons/Tools / Armor: collapsible plasma sword, body armor, Belt with various weapons tools
(2) Para Ordnance P14-45  pistols   featuring various ammo loads (smoke, explosive, etc.)  mask that allows enhanced vision including micro and night vision.

Carter is a former U.S. Marine and police officer, whom has gained enhanced abilities from the” Event”, as a police officer on a very corrupt force,  Carter  tried to make a difference and fight the good fight. Following an attempt on his life by fellow officers, Carter made up his mind to become the vigilante the Hood. He soon stumbled upon the plan to use the underworld/ crime syndicate in his city to fight the corrupt police/city. He has been labeled a villain and has used criminal means to fight his war on the police force. He has used robbery extortion, and even drug dealing to build, and  finance  his war. Carter does hold to a code of honor and will punish anyone he feels has preyed or abused the innocent.