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Blue Blazer

Alias: The Hanged Man
Real Name: Hezekiah Hutchinson
Genre: Supervillain
Powers/Special Skills: super strength; virtual immortality
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: The Major Arcana
Other Aliases: none
Status: at large
Hezekiah Hutchinson was born in 1768 in a seaside settlement that would one day become the coastal town of Tucker’s Point. His absent father was the feared pirate “Demon” Dirk Hutchinson, a seafaring outlaw notorious for his bloodthirsty ways. But Hezekiah’s mother was something far worse. She was the witch Lilith Wisp, the last living sister of the Blood Moon Coven, and a practitioner of the most gruesome of black magics. You might say that Hezekiah never really had a chance to live a decent life.

When Lilith was finally revealed as a witch to the people of the town, they burned her at the stake. Hezekiah was made a ward of the local government, and was raised by various members of the town. But from an early age, he began to exhibit signs of his dark heritage, leading up to one of the most horrific series of murders that had ever been seen in the area, or has to this day. When he was finally apprehended, at the age of 23, Hezekiah had brutally murdered 29 of the townsfolk. He was hanged for his crimes.

But more than blood had been passed to Hezekiah from his mother. Some of her terrible power had seeped into her son’s very essence. Although his soul traveled immediately to the depths of Hell, Hezekiah’s body remained relatively intact. He began to decompose, but at an exponentially slow rate, so that by the time he was accidentally unearthed in present day, he looked as though he’d only been dead for a month. And he is technically still alive.

Without his soul, Hezekiah can barely be called alive, let alone human. What little mind he has is devoted, as in his first life, to the murder of other people. He was captured and is now being controlled by the Major Arcana, a group of supervillains based on tarot cards.