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@DiCicatriz- Rip away. I sorta owe you after stealing the Anarchqueers name from you, so do as you will.


So, Lili’s family. From Left to Right we have Lili (obviously), Amanda Walker (Lili’s mother, who reverted to her maiden name after her divorce. Neither of the kids did though), Jason Marcell (Lili’s brother) and Katherine Marcell (goes by Kate, Jason’s wife, maiden name Jones). Obviously Lili’s father isn’t shown here due to the awkwardness of having him an his ex-wife in a room together, added on to the fact that he’s dead, which does tend to hamper people during social occasions.
Anyway, morbid jokes aside, we’ll get to know them better shall we. Amanda and Lili have you’re typical mother/ daughter relationship, they annoy the hell out of each other most of the time, but they still get along fairly well. That’s not to say they haven’t had some big fights in the past. Lili was very much Daddies Girl, so when the divorce happened the relationship with her mother went to s***, which was inconvenient for both of them as Amanda got custody of the kids. Then there was the fiasco of Lili’s first tattoo and dying her hair purple (Lili still has to wear long sleeves around her mother because of her half sleeve), and Amanda wasn’t exactly warm to her daughters coming out. After that it took them almost half a year and some major coercing from Jason and Lili’s then-girlfriend for them to actually talk again, but they’re on much better terms now. Amanda is quite strict and stubborn, something that was exaggerated after the divorce, having to deal with two kids (one of whom was not co-operative in any way at all) on her own wasn’t good for her and she developed quite a short fuse. She may have mellowed a bit since then, but she’s still quite blunt and will push a point as far as she can to make sure that it’s her way that things are adhered to.
Jason is the sensible one of the bunch. He hardly has any of his sisters neuroses and he isn’t as abrasive or stubborn as his mother. Unfortunately for him, this has left him in the mediator role more often than not and it does get to a guy after a while. He’s 2 years older than Lili and, as you’d expect, when they were kids they fought like cats and dogs. He took their parents divorce much more differently to his sister, becoming more withdrawn rather than confrontational.
Jason and Kate met at the office they both worked at about 5/6 years ago, but they didn’t start properly seeing each other after about a year. An upbeat, gossipy girl, she’s almost the perfect foil to Jason’s calm, slightly reserved demeanour. Kate and Lili have a sort of grudging respect for each other, but they aren’t exactly best of friends. Lili thinks Kate is pushy and Kate thinks Lili needs to lighten up. That said, they do get along, provided they aren’t left alone for longer than 10 minutes at a time, then they just run out of things to talk about. In contrast, Kate and Amanda get on fantastically. They’ll sit there and chat for hours, being all opinionated about anyone, everyone, anything and everything. This, of course, drives Lili nuts and it’s at this point that Jason gets up, asks if anybody would like any more drinks and goes to the kitchen, because it’s safe there.
Interesting note: Kate actually lent Lili her favourite necklace for Lili’s wedding day (it being the “borrowed” from the wedding day rhyme). It’s one of the few things that they are in complete agreement on is the fact that they both love that necklace. Of course, Kate flaunts it at every possible opportunity.


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