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I did an experiment, pose wise. It could probably be better but at this point I’m sick of looking at this guy and need to move onto something else.


The Indigo Child is Holly Blue’s older brother and was once a member of The Ant Queen’s court, until The Locust King got his claws into him and brainwashed him into believing that he deserved the queen’s power. The Indigo Child became an agent of the nefarious Locust King within The Ant Queen’s forces until he attempted to overthrow the insectoid ruler.

Since the Locust King’s brainwashing was revealed, the Queen, Holly Blue and others have made attempts to return The Indigo Child to the forces of good but have as yet been unsuccessful. The Indigo Child has become The Locust King’s top agent and is the most prominent enemy of The Ant Queen’s agent, Firefly.

The Indigo Child

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