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I’m going to give this another try. I’m hoping to attract more fans to my art.


The first picture describes our world in Biblical way. It shows that our world is filled with sin, except the other worlds that are out there.

The second picture is Bella. At a the age 6 she had her parents taken from her because of evil humans. They had cut her wings and held her as a slave for many years. Until one day when an army raided the castle. She was able to escape. She found another one like her and he thought her how to fight. With her wings fully grown again she’s ready to kill all humans.

The third picture is Linda. She was once a house mother and a wife to a Navy Seal. Her husband had been identified by the enemy. One night the enemy blew up their home. Linda suffered a lot of injuries and the lost of some limbs. After finally getting her senses back Linda learned that her human and little girl had died in the explosion. When offered to the opportunity to be put into a program to mechanized Linda jumped on it with the hopes of revenge.

The last picture is a Golden Dragon. It is an idea I got from The Golden Dragons of Junction City High in Arkansas.

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