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Age: 25 (as shown).
D.O.B- 20 August 2015
Height- 5.7 ft
Family: Dannielle “Danni” Dartford (Birth Mother), Lilith “Lili” Marcell (Mother), (?)
Occupation: Animator
Likes: Cartoons, Drawing, Art, Music, Green
Dislikes: Sour Tastes, Wasps
Favourite Movies: Star Wars (the third trilogy), Guardians Of The Galaxy 4, The Silmarillion: Quenta Silmarillion, The Colour Of Magic, The Movie Of My Life
Favourite Musical Artists/ Bands: Hostile Intent, The Shades, And She Went To Georgia, Fame Too Fast, Omega Red

Ok, guys, there are a few things that I’d like a bit of input on from you. Firstly, would you like to see me do ref sheets for any of my other characters, if so, who? Second, should I do any pictures of other members of Lili and Danni’s families? I’ve spoken about them numerous times, but never actually shown them. Also, sub-question to this, should I introduce Sam’s father? And finally, should Sam get any siblings? If so, brother or sister?

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