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Age: 31
D.O.B- 22 June 1985
Height- 5.9 ft
Family: Dannielle “Danni” Dartford (Wife), Samantha Marcell (Daughter (by marriage)), William Marcell (Father, Deceased), Amanda Walker (formerly Marcell, Mother), Jason Marcell (Elder Brother), Katherine “Kate” Marcell (Sister-In-Law)
Occupation: Graphic Designer and freelance artist
Likes: Video Games, Drawing, Sci-Fi, Purple
Dislikes: Being Called Lilith, Being Called A Goth
Favourite Movies: Blade Runner, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Iron Man, Terminator 2, Cabin In The Woods
Favourite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, The Flash/ Arrow, CSI: Las Vegas, Lost
Favourite Musical Artists/ Bands: Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Pierce The Veil
Favourite Games: Mario series, Zelda Series, COD series, Fallout series, Splatoon
Favourite Food: Pizza
Random Fact: The first tattoo Lili got was the one on her back. She got it when she was 19, around about the same time she started dying her hair purple. Her mum did not approve and, as their relationship was not in the best of shape at this time (due to Lili’s parents divorce), it started a huge row. However, when Lili went away to university a few weeks later, they made up as they realised how much they missed each other.

Age: 30
D.O.B- 7 October 1986
Height- 5.6 ft
Family: Lillith “Lili” Marcell (Wife), Samantha Marcell (Daughter), Thomas Dartford (Father), Samantha Dartford (Mother), Stacy White (Younger Sister, Twin of Zoe), Zoe Dartford (Younger Sister, Twin of Stacy), Matthew White (Brother-In-Law)
Occupation: Data Analyst (and unpublished novelist)
Likes: Reading, Anime/ Manga, Cats, People-Watching
Dislikes: Bugs (a lot)
Favourite Movies: Ghostbusters, The Lion King, The Lovely Bones, Lord Of The Ring- Fellowship Of The Ring, Spirited Away
Favourite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Star Trek: Next Generation, Faulty Towers, Miranda, The Big Bang Theory
Favourite Musical Artists/ Bands: Earth Wind And Fire, Michael Jackson/ Jackson 5, Green Day, Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favourite Books:  To Kill A Mockingbird, The Lovely Bones, Harry Potter Series, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Ranma 1/2 manga
Favourite Food: Stir Fry
Random Fact: Danni wears the hair on the right side of her face long to hide a scar on her right temple. She got it when she was 6 and she was out playing in her back garden, where she tripped and hit her head on a low wall. She had to have stitches and the scar is still quite visible to this day, something which Danni is quite conscious of.

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