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Kat Daragon

This is Keira Lockhart, my battlefield medic.  Boy, was she a blast to roleplay!  She was born in Ireland (spelled in my RPG\fanfics as “Eire”) and her late husband was from the highlands of Scotland (now don’t go confusing the Hig’la’ders with the Skaats ;)). And did she ever have a thick brogue on her!! She dropped her leading aitches, trailing tees and dees, any hard cees or kays before tees…

I doona think there’re but one in ten in th’ room what could understand ‘er once she got herself on a tear…

She was widowed (on the ba’tlefield, poor thing), but later remarried (although her second marriage turned into The Notebook, so I’m not so sure how happy that worked out for her). She’s a bit of an apprentice priestess to my main character (whom the series is tentatively named after), and the religion is somewhat of a mish-mash of old polytheistic societies.

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