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Brad- One Shot of the West

Brad, full name Bradley Lawrence, is the One Shot of the West. he gets his nick name from his infamous skill in aiming a gun, able to be quick on the draw, and the scope. said to never need to take more than one shot to down his targets, his guns are said to only hold one bullet. cursed with the power to create metal from souls, if he hits his targets right, he will be able to use their souls to make a bullet for his next target. after deciding to use his curse to help others, he roams the waste as a gun for hire. sometimes when he comes across a town in need he will stay and become a self appointed sheriff until the job is done. after hearing of his skills the western angels (a group of angels and other peace keepers headed by Wolf Pack formed to fight satan and protect the people of earth, known for being very loosely organized, fights between members are not uncommon) have been looking to try and recruit him.


musket of one- a musket, armed with only 3 bullets, its hard to aim for any normal man, but brad can easily snipe a whole gang of bandits with it. each bullet takes a while to load between shots, and brad must use souls to refill his magazines.

silence- since he carries no bag or extra bullets he is silent when he moves, able to sneak past enemies and safely find a nest to assassinate his targets and trouble makers.

rifle of the great war- a rifle from the great war, it carries five bullets and is much easier to aim and quicker to load. in order to refill its mags brad must use the souls of his kills.

guns of death- two special mad revolvers made to only  hold one bullet. the bullet is large and deadly, able to get a one shot on the head and two shot below (thus helping to give brad his name sake). the guns themselves are cursed with the same power brad has himself. if the one bullet in their mag gets a kill it instantly creates a new bullet in their mag from the poor soul’s life force. these guns have range like a sniper, and brad uses them for just that.

legs of steel- special boots crafted from the metal of his fathers blacksmith shop, able to create a small shock wave around him to stun nearby enemies allowing him to get out of a close combat fight. the boots also allow him to jump incredibly high, kick super strong, and fall from great heights without a scratch.

gloves of sight- two metal wrist gaurds attached with a mechanical swiss army knife. equipped with a laser pointer, a welding tool, a metal cutter, flash light, short retractable blade, and a automatic hacking tool.

blood eyes- his famous blood red goggles, able to scan targets and give him important information including distance, wind compensation, estimated line of sight, estimated hearing radius, and more.

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