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I think I’ll go with option 1. It’s sounds the best tbh.


As promised, the second pic of Lili and Danni’s daughter Samantha (Sam), shown here age 15. She’s going through the moody teenager phase and this is pretty much her default expression for everything, especially anything Lili says. They got on so well when Sam was younger, but being a teenager it’s time for that whole “nobody understands me”, existential angsts, rebel against literally everything that can possibly be rebelled against thing (you know, like teenagers do). Though, word to the wise, in a moment of the utmost teenageness, it was never and will never be a good idea to say to Lili “you are not my mum, don’t tell me what to do” because Danni, well, she’s a tiny bit terrifying when she’s angry. And that made her slightly more than angry. But they love each other really. Sam picked up most of her mannerisms from Lili, although she does have quite a lot of Danni’s anxieties and personality traits. She just finds it hard to relate to her mums sometimes, especially when you’re the awkward girl at school and everyone knows you have two mums and that’s all anyone ever seems to talk about, especially the guys, who you don’t know how to talk to and you can’t really ask your mums for advice on that front because, well, you know…