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Jared- Prospect of the Cloud

story: Jared, full name Jared Brook, is the Prospect of the Cloud. a once rich prospector, he accidentally dug into an old Hell Pocket (an area in which spirits can enter and exit hell, but to the living they are invisible and act as pockets filled with a poisonous radioactive gas). the gas turned him insane and he eventually donned a Hell Mask (a mask worn by satanist priests in order to let them see the things invisible to the living and survive the gas of Hell Pockets). he then killed all of his miners becoming a criminal and became a satanist. he now tries to worship satan by murdering anything he sees. he is hunted by both the angels and devils for the reckless murder of everyone even fellow satanists and spirits.


hell mask- a mask that protects him from the dangers of Hell Pockets and allows him to see into the spirit realm.

gas gauge- his belt is fitted with special mechanism which can release a pressurized gas similar to that found in a Hell Pocket at his enemies. the gas is stored into capsules  on his chest that can be activated with the press of a button and then refilled. it can also craft bullets when given the right materials.

blades of death- his gloves are fitted with throwing knives able to be quickly thrown than retrieved, when connected to the glove they can be used to slash enemies and can be quickly reattached after throwing.

swiftness- Jared is a quick one, able to hastily dodge, dash, and roll across the battle field. he can easily dodge a slash or a bullet with a roll or a dash. after years of training he has learned to master throwing his blades, retrieving them and then getting back to cover in less than a matter of seconds using rolls, dives, and sprints.

Spartan Pistol- a special pistol of his own design. it fires only 5 shots, and takes a while to load in between, but it deals lots of damage using explosive bullets. the only way he can get more bullets is by crafting them with his Gas Gauge.

sack of craft- a simple sack on his belt filled with crafting materials

pick of gold- a pick crafted from the gold and silver taken from his mine, used to break walls… and skulls.

dynamite sticks- mini sticks of dynamite used to throw at foes for distraction, stunning, and damage. able to be crafted with the gas gauge.

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