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Mad Jack


WebCrawler can morph his nano-technological infused physical body of flesh and blood into a superior, more powerful digital version of himself and become in essence a living wireless hub with the processing power of a quantum computer who can interact with the digital plane freely and without limit.

In his digital form he can see/sense the data-stream around the world and is able to perceive, understand, control and generate electronic, digital, and radio transmissions invisible to normal humans as well as to control any nearby technology like computers, robots, machines, and other devices such as cars, phones, refrigerators or any other object that runs on electricity.

Able to become non-corporal and thus intangible in the real world also allows him to “teleport” by transferring himself through cable networks and although his digital form is vulnerable to electrical and magnetic manipulation and can be destroyed through things like electromagnetic pulses, he can also always completely restore himself as long as one bit of his data remains stored on a computer drive, smart phone, etc.

But first and foremost his powers enable him to enter the digital world and travel through the simulated reality of “Cyberspace”, where the rules of the real world don’t apply. Here he can manipulate binary computer informations as he wishes and bypass any level of online security or hack through the most difficult mainframes without effort. Once inside a computer network he can do things even the best black hat hacker can only dream of.

By absorbing data into his own consciousness, he can not only collect informations about people, businesses and organizations and their operations but also learn new skills such as a foreign language, or mastery of a fighting style in a split second and gain knowledge that allows him to immediately operate incredibly complex devices and weapons in the real world.

His weirdest power however, is the ability to turn any form of data into solid matter and materialize weapons, food, vehicles, and even living beings from the internet, video games, web video series, or any other digital information.