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Mr. Valet

Name: Isaac Newton

Alignment: Evil

Powers: extremely high intelligence; can live for millions of years; force manipulation; gravity manipulation; can make apples fall from trees with a mere thought; can shoot lasers from his eyes; super strength; super speed

Bio: Many people believe that Isaac Newton was born in England in 1642.  In reality, Newton was born millions of years ago on the planet Woolsthorpe in the galaxy of Lincolnshire.  When he visited Earth in the Stone Age, the early humans were mindlessly floating around due to the lack of gravity on the planet.  Newton seized the opportunity to take advantage of the puny life forms, and bestowed the gift of gravity onto the Earth using his god-like powers.  He continued to live on for millions of years on Earth, posing as a human and utilizing his vast intelligence to manipulating other humans into praising him as an inventive genius.  As humans started to progress, however, he feared that they would soon be able to overpower him.  Because of that, he decided that he should form a religion based around him and his teachings which he could then use to take over the world and rule it as the supreme overlord.  With hundreds of followers joining him over the years, his plan was finally coming to fruition.  That is, until he got hit by a car and died.