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Mr. Valet

Name: Monk of Newton

Alignment: Evil

Powers: peak human strength, speed, and agility; they can shoot guns pretty damn well

Bio: The Monks of Newton are specially trained humans that serve and worship in the Holy Church of Isaac Newton.  The Church as a whole views Newton as an incredibly powerful Messiah-like figure who taught other humans his ways of Physics.  They also viewed him as a harsh, imperious being who would kill any non-believer simply by staring into their soul.  Thus, the Monks decided to adopt Newton’s philosophy and plan to spread their sadistic religion through force (pun possibly intended).  The symbol on their robes represents what they refer to as “The Tree of Wisdom”, which is the apple tree where Newton invented gravity under.  The Monks use guns as their weapons to demonstrate their understanding of Newton’s Second Law (Force = Mass x Acceleration) by showing non-believers the force of a bullet through their skulls.  Their current leader is the great and powerful High Priest, who rules over the Church with an iron fist.