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Mr. Valet

Name: The Irritable Woman

Alignment: Good

Powers: Immense super strength; becomes stronger the more irritated she becomes; regeneration; vein-like marks appear whenever she gets irritated

Bio: Unlike most heroes who gain their powers through some sort of accident, The Irritable Woman has had hers since birth.  However, they didn’t activate until she was 14 years old, when a couple of rich kids kept poking her in the face to annoy her.  As she grew more and more irritated, she began to notice two changes: her hair fell out, and glowing vein-like marks appeared all over her body.  When her irritation levels finally reached a critical point, she tried to push one of the rich kids away, but ended up accidentally smacking him into the stratosphere.  Frightened of her newfound abilities, she went into hiding for 6 years in Massachusetts.  There, she was discovered by the famous Apache Helicopter Man, who decided to train her to better control her powers.  Now, she fights for the good of humanity, and occasionally accompanies herself with other heroes to fight the forces of evil.  Just don’t irritate her.  Or else.