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Vlad- Servent of Styx

Vlad, full name Vlad Savoy, is the Servant of Styx. Killed long ago, with no memory of his past, he serves as the leader of the Hell Guild. his only memory of his past his that he dead as a slave, evident by the fact that the only thing with him when he entered Hades were chains on his chest. he searches the wastes for something that can tell him about his past, but until then he helps his master by leading the guild in order to allow satan to rise without resistance from the western angels. he is known to be one of the most talented assasians.



chains of the slave- chains worn on his chest since he died, they signify his past slavery. he keeps them as his way to keep sanity and stop himself from becoming a monster.

blood shot- he infamous gun, crafted for him by the demons of hell. it acts like a revolver, but shoots like a chain gun, it is very accurate, and they say can even rival venus and mars in combat.

fist of screams- a special glove, crafted from the skulls of hell hounds, it inflicts fear into those who are hit with it, and it breaks bones as if they were sticks.

hoods of the devil- a hood, meant to conceal ones face, an enchantment allows it to completely change his face for a time.

blade of demon- a special sword, summoned with hell magic, its power is summoned from the fist of screams. it burns to the touch, and cuts through steel and wall like paper.

rags of slaves- his famous ragged and ripped clothes, enchanted to protect him from any environmental climat.

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