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Deritov- Flame of Hell

Deritov, full name Deritov Meztov, is the Flame of Hell. a high ranking member of the Hell Guild, an infamous group of assassins and mercenaries based in Hades under the command of Vlad Savoy (coming soon). stationed in the world of the living, his job is to do the bidding of Vlad and Satan himself. commonly seen working with Mary, he is certainly a threat to the world, and an enemy of the western angels.



summoner staff- crafted from a common pipe, but enchanted and modded with the magic of hell, this pipe will cause anyone other than a servant of satan to bleed upon touching it, and will shoot flames from the top.

summon shots- flame revolvers, summoned using magic, made of fire, the guns can be summoned whenever he needs them, never running out of ammo, the bullets act like fire ball, cutting through anything and exploding on impact. very deadly.

mask of snakes- a mask made to let him see in the dark, and protect him from poison fumes and smokes.

blades of flame- three throwing knives worn on his belt and summoned through magic, they will explode on impact, and can be summoned again on  command.

shield of hell- a small shield worn on his back, crafted from the trees surrounding his old home from his first life, a small memory of what used to be a good man. used to block attacks and bullets, its the only thing that keeps him from turning into a common savage demon like most evil. every spirit who is not a fallen angel has something like this, for example Mary has her special blade, more commonly known as the “blade of the virgin” to keep her sanity.

flaming fists- the ability to engulf his fists in hell fire through magic… unstoppable!

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