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The Burning Hearts

Neda Smith:

Neda was once a dancer. She grew up learning Martial Arts through her father which made her an even better dancer. She learned a lot from her mother in technology giving her the ability to program anything. After the death of her parents Neda was so devastated that she tried to commit suicide by walking out onto a battle field. She was thrown by the force of an explosion. After waking up from her unconscious state the battle was over. She walked around the battle field looking at all the dead bodies of robots and humans. As she wondered around she came up on a robot that was still moving. As she looked at the damaged robot she knew she had to live on and use the skills her parents gave her. After reprogramming and reassembling Spencer, the best she could, she had him to find other survivors. They both found and joined up with The Burning Hearts.

Spencer Gage:

Spencer Gage was originally created by Dr. Jin to help hunt down and kill any humans. After an explosion Spencer was blown to pieces, but was still alive due to his core remaining whole. Neda found Spencer and gathered up all of the pieces she could find. After reprogramming Spencer she fashioned him with whatever armor she could find to get him back up to date. Spencer now serves along side of Neda and The Burning Hearts in order to rid the earth of his former master.

Star Blaze:

Star Blaze lost his parents at a very young age. He was raised by his uncle who owned a Circus. As he grew he practiced with any gun he could get a hold of. He performed many spectacular stunts until one day when Dr. Jin invaded earth. Majority of the Circus people he grew up with gave in to become robots, except Star’s uncle. At the sight of his uncle’s death he escaped into the wilderness knowing it would be suicide if he stood and fought the robots. After a week of regretting his decision he was found by Neda and Spencer who offer him a spot on the team of The Burning Hearts. He took the offer in hopes of bringing getting revenge.


Twitch was a bounty hunter before the robots came to earth and took over. His skills with a bow helped make him the most silent one. He got his name Twitch from his run in with those who crossed him. He is able to control his temper, but if you get on his bad side his sword is libel to twitch your head clean off your body. He now fights along side as a member of The Burning Hearts.


Cyro grew up on the planet Noslora. His people were a peaceful race. Chaos came one day when Dr. Jin and his robots invaded Noslora. Cyro and a few others were able to escape the planet as Dr. Jin turned it into nothing more than a piece of rock. After making sure the others found a new planet Cyro set off to find Dr. Jin. He wanted to make sure that no other lifeforms suffered the same faith as most of his people did. He traced Dr. Jin all the way to earth. As he search for Dr. Jin he met twitch who took him to be one of Dr. Jin’s creations. Cyro and twitch fought each other. It would have been a fight to the death if one of Dr. Jin’s robots didn’t show up. Twitch was no match for the robot. The robot was close to killing twitch when Cyro stepped in and destroyed the robot with his powers. After reviving him Twitch joined Cyro and they set out together to form The Burning Hearts.

This was something I did just for fun. I will have the Villain characters up once I get their back stories written.

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