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Mr. Valet

Name: Ultra Librarian

Alignment: Evil

Powers: Flight; energy beam projection; mind-reading; x-ray vision; telekinesis (only on books); teleportation; her powers are greatly amplified when she’s inside any library

Bio: Ever since Ultra Librarian was a little girl, her biggest goal was to become the greatest Librarian in the entire Universe.  In order to achieve that goal, she began a training regimen that included: reading 2000 books every day, memorizing the due dates of every library book in every local library, and doing 50 squats daily.  By the time she was 24, she gained tremendous powers, which confirmed that she had finally reached her goal in becoming the ultimate librarian.  The power soon went to her head, however, and she is now a power-hungry villain who rules over very library in the entire world, not hesitating to destroy anyone who dares break the rules of the library.