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Mr. Valet

Name: Reverse Centaur

Alignment: Good

Powers: His spit is 200 times stickier than industrial glue; peak superhuman strength; peak superhuman speed and agility

Bio: Reverse Centaur was once an ordinary businessman who dreamed of becoming a Centaur.  Then one day, he encountered a Genie who would be willing to grant him that wish.  However, the Genie was very intoxicated and accidentally granted the businessman’s wish backwards.  Since the Genie could only grant one wish per person, the businessman was stuck in this form for all eternity.  After weeks of battling depression, the businessman decided to take advantage of his abilities and become a crime-fighting hero who captures criminals by using his ultra-sticky spit as an adhesive.  From that day forward, he was known as Reverse Centaur, defender of justice.  And stuff.