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“Danni, I’m not really comfortable about doing this.”
“Come on babe, I did one, now it’s your turn.”
“Yeah, but yours wasn’t a full-body. And besides, you look great. I just got a new tattoo and it’s still all red and blotchy around there and my hair needs re-colouring soon, you can see my natural colour coming through and you’re going to get the glare off of my glasses and…”
“Really?! I’ve just had a baby, you think I don’t feel completely self-conscious about how I look. You look beautiful, just relax. It’s not like anyone else is going to see these.”

Lili has pretty bad body image anxiety. Not as bad as it was in her teens (she was borderline anorexic at one point), but she still worries a lot about how she looks and, more often, how other people think she looks. Fortunately she has worked out a coping mechanism when around other people, keep them distracted by talking. A lot. It also help that when she talks, she’s not thinking about what other people think about how she looks. Ironically, Lili is naturally thin, she doesn’t put on weight easily (much to Danni’s annoyance), plus she works out pretty regularly.

Trying to give Lili and Danni more different body shapes and trying to move away more from the standard HM body. I might do reference sheets for the girls at some point.

Note: Lili’s new tattoo on her chest says “Samantha” which is the name of her and Danni’s (technically Danni’s, she’s the mother) daughter, named after Danni’s Grandmother (and on Cliff’s suggestion). It’s her third tattoo, after her arm and one on her back.

Note 2: Yes, Lili does have a navel piercing.

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