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<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>First Real Villain</span>

Mary-Maidan of the West

story: Mary, also known as Mary Malory, is the maiden of the west. Mary is a subject of satan, a demon of hell, an evil spirit. she roams the wastes causing havoc and searching for the famed western angels so she can destroy them and allow her master, Satan himself, to rise and destroy the west, and eventually the world. under the cover of a common hooker, she is feared by men and women everywhere. a master of speech, she will charm her victims then murder them once she has them alone.


kiss of death- her lipstick is made from the venom of the many beasts of hell, able to kill a man in minutes after a single peck on the cheek, unless they can find holy water in time.

bow of the styx- a bow and arrows made from the wood of the hell trees, giving them the property to set fire to their target or release a toxin to eat them from the inside out.

golden gun of hell- her special one of a kind pistol. she has used this gun since guns were made, and has modified to suit her needs through out time. you will never find a gun like this. it never runs out bullets, has unbelievable range, a silent shot, and will set fire to anyone who touches the its barrel or handle who is not Mary herself.

bladed boots- special boots fitted with special blades on the toes, crafted from the stones of hell, able to penetrate anything, it makes for a deadly kick. the soles are made from an enchanted fabric allowing her to walk over any obstacle.

blade of the virgin- her special blade, crafted and given to her at birth, she has a special connection to this blade. it is enchanted with a spell that makes it return to her on command.

dress of the stud- her famed dress, crafted from the clothes of her victims, the dress can turn her invisible for a time, also its fitted with metal plates for protection.


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