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Peter: Saint of the North

story: Peter, real name unknown, is the saint of the north. he is very unknown of here in the west, but they say he is a legend in the northern lands. much like Wolf Pack he is an angel sent to protect the people, but recently he has been seen in the west more than the north. something must be calling him here, the only logical reason for his presence is that a strange evil is somewhere in the west, something that wold bring a large threat to the north that he would leave the people there.



pick of the mountains- a common ice pick used by settlers in the north to climb and traverse mountains. his has been altered to also work as an efficient weapon though as well.

coat of the arms- a coat, woven by the maidens of heaven, it keeps him both warm and cold, keeping his body tempter stable in any enviorment. it is also equipped with metal plates to act as an efficient armor and it is covered in pouches and pockets for equipment.

blade of the north- much like Wolf Packs blade of the west, this blade is special. built in the workshops of heaven, the sword is strong as the best steel, and as light as a feather. the thorns are crafted from the teeth of a windigo, a rare beast found in the north, giving it special powers.

silver revolver- a special revolver enhanced in the magic of the heavens, wielding special bullets the gun will be effective against any target, dealing large damage, and every bullet is enhanced with a special spell, making them track targets and return to Peter on command. it is also fitted with a hunting knife bayonet, unless in real combat but good for other practical uses.

C-4- a simple pouch of C-4 explosives on his belt and a detonator, nothing that special.

mask of the north- a mask special like wolf packs. equiped with special goggles that find and track enemies, it also filters out smoke and toxin. the mask also protects his face from the cold, and emits a sound that can scare off predators.

Dart shots- special dart guns held in a belt across his chest. when used it will fire a very concentrated shotgun like spread of pellets, single use but highly effective.


(I know the cape on his right shoulder is looks off its supposed to look like that, i wanted it to look as if the cape split into two so you could easily move your arms)

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