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Poncho- bandit of the cloak

Story: Poncho, also known as Jacob Boris, is the bandit of the cloak. He is an infamous bandit. while his deeds are considered criminal his morals are true. he helps the poor and saves those in need, though he does it in criminal ways. his face his known and hated so he were a poncho and a famous skull mask to conceal himself. he is known for never missing a shot, and always is quick for his guns.  Armed with both hand crafted and stolen equipment he is always suited for any job he is hired for. plus he also has one hell of a shot. known for his poncho, skull mask, and modded pistols, he is a person to either fear… or love.



mask of the skull- built to conceal his face this mask can strike fear, trust, or just plain hypnotize those who see it, all thanks to it being dipped in a vat of water from the River Styx.

Mars and Venus- his famed hand crafted hand cannons. known for their strange design with a long shotgun like handle, their surprises don’t end their. underneath their barrels each one sports a tactical advantage. Mars is equipped with a flamer while Venus has a grapple gun, both do however hold a concealed blade for quick jabs

Knife of the eagle- two special knifes enchanted by the angels of heaven, meant to be used by Wolf Pack, and stolen by Poncho. these knifes will always return to Poncho on command. These blades are used for throwing and stabbing and slashing.

Blade of Nothing- the blade on his back is not special, it is only a common blade, used really for a quick slash after stunning an enemy, for showing off, or for blocking attacks from a swordsman until you can get a punch or a bullet in his chest… and not to mention finnishing off a poor soul.

Poncho of blood- his famous poncho, hand crafted by Poncho himself. this poncho conceals him making him almost undetectable in a crowd. most of its uses are mysterious, but it is said to hold many special qualities and uses.

boots of hell- his special boots, crafted from a special and rare cloth, making almost every move silent. the toes are tipped with a hard steel that will burn the skin of anyone it does not recognize, making them perfect for taking down an enemy with a quick kick.

The Hat of the south- a hat from the south, worn by travelers from Mexico like himself. protects him from the sun… and looks kinda bad-ass as well.

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