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I apologise for being inactive for close to a month now but my laptop (where all of my characters/saves/loads are) broke and I got it back from service only a couple of days ago… But dont worry my people !! Im currently working on Argent, a guy with the spear I got from the Santa Swap (Thanks to Linea for that), a Santa with a magnificent beard (Another one from the Santa Swap. Props to Jr for dah beard!), a new member Bestiary (Cliff you are the man!!) for that team of human-animal hybrids, which is now called The Moreaus ( *cough* Keric *cough* ) and the second member of the New Triforce (FINALLY). Dont know which one will be finished first as Im trying to work on all of them at the same time but at least I have a creation plan for all of you amazing people!! CHEERS !!

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