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I am working on some thing new..

A teenagers team which powers basic elements.
First I present Sam
CODENAME- Hydroboy
NAME- Sameron Surf
AGE -13
WEAPON- Carbon Fiber stage-7 Blades (also used as gills)</p>
ABILITIES- Professional gaming, Espionage, he is great at girls and He is a good strategist, business knowledge, knows English an Atlo (language of Atlantis) fluently.
POWERS- Breath underwater (though he shows, he needs his gear), mimic powers temporarily, shape shift (he can absorb his gear in his body), telepathy, hydrokinetics, water transformation.
GEAR- Nano scuba gear v11, high water resistance aqua boots and gloves.
BIO- His Father is the prince of Atlantis. Because of some conditions he had to leave Atlantis. But his intellect and knowledge resulted in his business empire. After some years he married his business partner. Then Sam was born. After the age of ten he was sent to the B.H school. Many girls were attracted to him and even boys wanted become his friends because of his money but he some true friends and is the stud of the school.

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