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W as going through some old stuff and came across this


Many have wondered how I came to be The Fox. Today I shall share with you my story…
As most of you know I have been the chief protector of Center City for several years. My story starts with a trip to the Center City Zoo.
I should have known something was wrong with the fox, when I first saw it. It was glowing green, but I mean who ever heard of a radioactive fox. Well the next thing you know it bit me, after a series of painful injections with rabies immune globulin and rabies vaccine. I found myself with fox like powers and abilities. Thinking of the last words of my Uncle Bill”Get a job you bum”right before he kicked me out, I made up my mind to become Fox Man: however much to my dismay I was sued over use of that name by the Center city Foxes. Due to the terms of the settlement I can not legally say any more. And thus The Fox was born.