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Four common persons, without any super skills or powers, but with enough self-steem and wits to put up a good fight, formed Neighborhood Watch. They became League MMV‘s intel and, somewhat, back up in their battle for the protection of Velorios against the forces of The Shadows of Onidores.

Alfredo “Hand Cannon” Mercurio (middle), ex-sheriff of Velorios, joined in when battle ruined his morning coffee ritual. Tatyana “Goth Punch” Ratchenko (back), gold medal kickboxer, when her training to control her bad temper got interrupted. Walter “Shorty” Appletree (front left), expert skateboarder, when his means of transportation was eaten by Amorpho and built a faster, more powerful one. Thomas “Slugger” Thompson (front right), ex-baseball player, when his town was attacked and decided to bat some heads out of the field.


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