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Mad Jack

Thanks! Glad you like the profile cards… 🙂
Here’s a new team:

The Menagerie

Trying to unlock the genetic secrets of his people and other human subspecies created by the Mato‘Nai, the Nai’vil Paul Godel (aka Apollo), who runs the genetic research department of the EOS Corporation, conducted a secret genetic experiment and used an advanced version of the technology of preparing recombinant DNA (known as „gene-splicing“) to cut up the DNA molecules of several human test subjects with a criminal past and splice them together with fragments from more than one organism – to be exact: from both Nai‘vil and different animal organisms – in order to create humans similar to the Homo Bestialis (Grimm).

Partially successfull, this highly unethical treatment eventually mutated the test persons physically and gave them extraordinary animal-based superhuman abilities. In exchange for their participation and maintaining silence about the source of their powers, the testees received new secret civilian identities with a clean slate.

But once a criminal, always a criminal – at least this was true for six of the testees. And what will criminals do when they suddenly have superpowers? They become supervillains…