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(Warning, wall of text)

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the compliments. I’m an older gamer-type who hasn’t had a good tabletop group in a few years. This has helped me move some of my creative ideas and gaming impulses around to satisfy my needs hahaha.

My influences are Masters of the Universe, DC’s New Gods, Marvel’s Inhumans & Celestial Beings, Frank Frazetta’s Conan & Elric, Tony DiTerlizzi’s Planescape & Spiderwick work, and Brian Froud (known for The Dark Crystal), I also love Wayne Reynolds, Larry Elmore, Clyde Caldwell, Brom, and Boris Vallejo but my work has very little Brom in it at the moment. It might be fun to try to put some of Brom’s Dark Sun ideas into my characters.

Elric, Corum, Conan, and John Carter are all a big deal in my preferences about how fantasy/sci-fi should be represented and as for celestial/cosmic entities, you can’t beat the artists at Marvel & DC over the years.

: I’ve been working with HM 3 Premium for about 8 months. I remember when HM 1 was brand new and played with it then so it’s been in the back of my mind for years. I recently started doing this work only after seeing the amazing things other people were doing and just analyzing their work; picking apart the layers and items etc.

: Thank you very much. I try to create pieces more than use stock items wherever I can because I feel it personalizes my characters. I actually feel joy in taking a HM object and manipulating it into something else it wasn’t intended to be in the first place 🙂