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WOW!  Very dynamic posing!  Your colors and highlighting are excellent.  Love the splash of orange as your third color option.  It really draws the eye to the action.

Some things that are a little off.  Sorry. Since you have now justified yourself as a world class ‘machiner, I will be uping my critiquing and expect the same if you were looking at anything of mine.

First the bow.  The arrow and bowstring are perfect, but there is no flex in the bow.  With the string drawn back, there would be more arch to the bow from the pressure.

The bent knee.  You are missing the outline at the bend.  Try using a black insignia shape and tuck behind the knee to ad outline.

The right hand is smaller than the left.  Should be the opposite since the right hand is closer to the viewer.

And last but not least, please try and use a snipping tool to get the whole image and not have the bow cut off.

I know with the amount of time you have spent on this, that your first response at me would be to flip me the bird.  But I can see you like to push the envelope with your ‘machining and the tips might be helpful with some of your future outstanding concepts.