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The League defeated Psyrcus but not without casualties. Heavy Metal was killed by Henker and Mano Toba by Cross.

Heavy Metal’s wife , Bodycount II, and best friend, Buckshot, avenged his death.  His widow became Heavy Bodycount. Buckshot took Heavy Metal’s and Henker’s blades and melted them into a giant one. He gave his shotguns to Grizzly and became Metal Blade.

With his last breath, Mano Toba was able to injure Cross. Mana Toba finished him up by driving both his spears and his brother’s through him.

Grizzly killed Psyrcus leader, Fossor, and locked his  twin brother, Rossor, in Velorios’ Asylum along with Shelly Flamy. This latter was victim of an electrified fence when she tried to escape.

In the heat of battle and rage for past issues, the creatures Mist and Dragonsnake killed who once defeated them in a fight, the alien Grundin. They ran away and hid in the forest, among the Shadows of Onidores. In exchange for their protection, they became servants to its ruler, Oldube Scythe.

Mana Toba, Metal Blade (back, left to right), Grizzly, Heavy Bodycount, and the newcomer Alchemist (front, left to right) formed the new League MMV.

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