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The Nowhere Kids have faced many threats. Perhaps none more dangerous that the group that caused the founding members of the Nowhere Kids to go on the run in the first place. The shadowy organization known as The Labyrinth. The Kids war with the Labyrinth came to a head when a stolen missile was fired at Emerald City. Icon was able to use her powers to pull the missile off course but even her not unsizable powers were able to fully protect her from the missiles blast. Subject Zero was barely able to save Icon as her unconscious and badly hurt body plummeted to the ground. Sadly, being on the run meant that the Kids lacked the resources to care for their wounded friend and Kinetic, the groups leader, made the heartbreaking decision to leave her in the care of the United States Government.

The Nowhere Kids tried to put the pieces of their lives back together after this event but soon after found the location of their hideout had been compromised and they had to go on the run once again.

Several months later, a fully healed Icon reappeared with a new costume and clearly working for the government. The Nowhere Kids now find themselves faced with the task of finding out why their punk rock rebel friend is now emblazoned in red white and blue and working for the very people trying to track them down. More worrying however, is the question everyone wants answered. Did Icon have anything to do with revealing the location of the Kids base?


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