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Thanks, guys! Always puts a smile on my face when people other than me like my stuff.

A quick group shot of another project (still Latino themed), I’ll probably post individual shots tomorrow.



Xol Xihuitl (through classic comic book mishaps and shenanigans) came to house a dimensional tesseract in his chest that made him one with an extra-dimensional armory of specialized tech suits. The armory responds to the psyche of the tesseract-wielder, and thus the armors adapted to his physiology and also shaped themselves after the Aztec deities of his childhood. Xol can summon each suit at will and fights for a better world under the guise of Aztech. Pictured:

Tonatiuh: Space exploration suit/graviton manipulator

Quetzalcoatl: Supersonic flight suit/favored suit

Coatlicue: Last resort worldbreaking destroyer suit/anti-matter cannon wielder

Huitzilopochtli: War-machine, too many weapons systems to count/harmonic energy wings

Tlaloc: Deep sea explorer/arc cannon/practically invincible

Tezcatlipoca: Stealth suit/invisibility/intangibility/ EMP generator