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Do you smell that? It smells like a…

Ok, maybe not as mega as in the past but still…

This is all about the international terrorist military organization, CHIMERA


Flag and insignia:

Motto: Vincere Mundus (“To conquer the world”)

CHIMERA is a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. Ruled by the ruthless Manticore, it relies on the might of its legions of soldiers to execute its diabolical schemes while trying to destroy its main enemy: ORION.
Name: Manticore
Age: Unknown
Height: 7’0 (in suit), actual height unknown
Powers/Abilities: Weaponized High-Tech Exo-Suit (grants Flight, Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Speed; contains a Self-Contained Life-Support System), Technological Combat, Enhanced IQ, Master Tactician, is Multilingual
Equipment: Repulsor rays, forearm-mounted missile launcher, retractible spikes in fists of suit
Alignment: Villain

The ruthless Manticore is the leader of the sinister organization, CHIMERA. Using his vast intelligence and military skills to create an army without a nation, Manticore is a threat to all who call Earth home. Arch-nemesis of ORION founder, Warhawk, Manticore seeks to rid the world of all who would stand in his way.


A standard CHIMERA Soldier. If standard means enhanced in almost every way

But not as enhanced as a literal super-soldier. This is the first prototype of said super-soldiers, codenamed CALIBOS

Age: 287 days since creation
Height: 6’7
Powers/Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Stamina, Reflexes & Durability, Combat Proficiency, Weaponized Body
Equipment: Arm-mounted cannon (left arm)
Alignment: Villain

A product of experimentation, the CALIBOS unit is THE super-soldier of super-soldiers. Although he is just a taste of things to come, he has already proven himself a worthy addition to CHIMERA‘s ranks.