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Two more,  from my birth-country.


Name: Unknown

Nationality: Mexican

Gender: Cisgender Man

Bio: Nothing is known of the man known as Muerto. From rumors tracing back the history of his sightings it has been surmised that he arose from a mass grave outside of Juarez. He could have been one of dozens of victims, all having met the same grisly fate caught in the crossfire of a narco turf war. It is rumored that he was murdered on the Day of the Dead, and being able to walk freely among the living at that time, his spirt rejected the afterlife to seek vengeance. He allowed his body to be resurrected by dark forces. Since that moment he has been waging a one man war on the criminal underworld of Mexico.

Powers: Muerto is undead, meaning he cannot be killed by mortal means. His body can be damaged, but the mysterious dark matter making up his form is able to piece itself back together from even the most grievous injuries. His touch kills living tissue and accelerates decay, literally rotting his victims alive.


Name: José Guadalupe Longoria Rosales de León

Nationality: Mexican

Gender: Non-binary (muxe)

Bio: Doña Bárbara lives in Northern México and his/her small village remains untouched by the violence that afflicts his/her community. The narcos are too superstitious to threaten him/her, so his/her locality remains something of a safe zone. Muerto came to him/her when he was first reborn, trying to understand how he came to be. He/She aided him, allowed him to understand his abilities, and still provides him a place to rest when he needs respite from his endless crusade of death and violence.

Powers: Doña Bárbara is what is known as One Who Walks Between the Veils, not quite a medium, but still able to perceive the unseen world of the supernatural all around us. This makes him/her an especially talented sorceror/sorceress. He/She is learned in the lore and arts of the ancient civilizations of her native land, skilled in all manner of offensive/defensive spells and incantations. It is not wise to cross him/her.

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