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I live…

Name: The Iron Queen
Age: 34
Height: 5’7
Powers/Abilities: Enhanced Swordsmanship, Enhanced Shieldmanship, Supernatural Endurance, The magical properties of The Iron Heart grants her the ability to animate and control iron constructs (Automaton Creation), and gives her a degree of control over metal (Metal Manipulation)
Equipment: Magic Sword and Shield (magics enhanced by The Iron Heart)
Alignment: Villain (formerly Hero)

Formerly known as Miss Medieval, Brianna Croft aka The Iron Queen is one of the most formidable adversaries the heroes of ORION have ever faced. As Miss Medieval, Brianna fought crime with a magic sword and shield given to her by her late mentor, Silas McCain. When she fought and defeated the warlock, Morphos, the ancient temple they were fighting in surged with energy, opening a previously sealed door. Inside the newly revealed chamber sat an iron statue, with a burning red gem in its center. Below the statue was an inscription that read , “To the being who finds my heart, I bestow the will of iron.” Overcome with strong desire, Brianna grabbed the gem. Upon her touch, the gem began to glow and engulfed Brianna in its energy. Leaving the chamber a changed woman, Brianna killed the incapacitated Morphos by encasing him in iron. She then used The Iron Heart to create an army from the temple itself, along with transforming her sword and shield into those befitting a queen. With her new power and an army of living iron, The Iron Queen cannot be stopped.

As Miss Medieval