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I should start by saying that this character does not belong to me but is rather my interpretation of a character created by former Heromachiner SongBird who I have unfortunately lost contact with but I’m 95.47% sure Song would be OK with me posting this. Why, you may ask, am I posting this character if she’s not my own? Well Bullet Witch was one of Invictus team-mates back in the role playing game I mentioned when I posted him. She was also arguably his best friend…Although she did shoot him when he told her he was gay…Long story. She wasn’t herself.

I actually had no intention of creating this character when I started out on this image. I was trying to create my own character named Roulette, who had an entirely different backstory (she was going to be involved with The Keeper) but about half way through the creation process I realized that Roulette bore a striking resemblance to Bullet Witch and just ran with it. Maybe I was subconsciously thinking of her since I had just finished Invictus. Who knows. Either way, I like it. And Song, if by some miracle you see this, I hope you like it too. 🙂

Roulette – Bullet Witch

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