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Like Adrenaline & Xian before him. Invictus (Latin for “invincible”) is another character from my old roleplaying days reborn. Back in the day, this guy came very close to knocking Adrenaline off the top spot on my list of favourite characters but his rp ended up relatively short compared to Adrenaline’s so he kind of faded away while Adrenaline was running around in my head for years.

Invictus possesses a number of magical swords including the legendary Excalibur and, if you believe the rumours, he’s a descendant of King Arthur.

Starting out as the protege of a legendary hero, Invictus was named in a prophecy as “The great hero” who was supposedly destined to save the world from “The great destroyer”. The great destroyer was later revealed to be Invictus’ own half-brother, who not only murdered their father and mentor but also Invictus’ boyfriend, the hero known as American Eagle. A final confrontation between the two brothers (and Invictus’ teammates) ended when Invictus plunged a sword through his brothers chest.

In the immediate fallout from these events, Invictus was thought to have died. He reappeared almost a year later as the vigilante known as the Hunter (no relation to the current Hunter). This was a particularly dark period in his life and his downward spiral threatened to destroy him. But ultimately, with the help of his friends and an adventure through time where he ended up fighting alongside his seemingly timeless father during world war 2, Invictus emerged from the darkness and grew to become one of the worlds greatest heroes.

Earning the title of “the lightbringer” for his quest to rid the world of evil and injustice in whatever form it takes, Invictus has become a shining beacon of hope in an increasingly dark world.

“Light up the darkness” – Invictus.

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