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My redesign of The Mortal Gods continues with Artemis.

Now bear with me a minute while I explain some things about this character and my thought process in general.

I often create a character based on how they would look/work in either a movie/tv show or a video game. Artemis for example, has the cape esque tail things hanging behind her legs. Now I’ve always thought capes would kind of get in the way during combat but while creating Artemis I was kind of struck by a mental image of her spinning around and kicking all manner of crap out of her opponents. I figure these almost coat tail type things would create a nice visual effect as she moved but wouldn’t get in the way like a cape would because they hang from her belt and therefore move with the lower half of the body.

The grapple gun I thought would be a nice way of getting around but I could also see it being used as a weapon to draw her enemies in closer, much like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

And so ends my ramble about nothing important. If you’re still reading this, well done. Have a cookie. 🙂

“Get over here!” – Artemis.

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