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Xian is another of my favourites. Probably my favourite female character.

Xian was originally created years ago for a role playing game and I had a ton of fun playing her. She’s the cheeriest goth chick you’ll ever meet. Xian’s powers make her invisible to all five senses. The problem is, she pretty much stuck in this state and it takes intense concentration for her to interact with the world in any real way.

Now I know what you’re saying. “Didn’t you use that same psycho teddy bear with Psymon?”. Yes I did. But I stole the idea from this character. While Psymon’s bear was only supposed to be a normal teddy that he manipulates through telekinesis, Xian’s bear, Hotaru, is an actual possessed teddy bear.

Hotaru is Xian’s closest friend and enemy. The two are linked mentally, physically and spiritually. While Xian is a bubbly, friendly type of person, Hotaru is miserable and just downright sadistic. The spirit spends most of his time lurking around inside Xian’s head after finding that her unique position between this world and the spirit world keeps him off the radar of the wraiths that want to drag him off to hell. Xian, initially hating having a spirit lodger rattling around in her head, found that Hotaru’s presence allowed her to better interact with the world thanks to his telekinesis. And so she allows him to stay. Of course Hotaru comes and goes, often possessing others for short periods of time but also inhabiting Xian’s favourite teddy bear…Just because a possessed teddy bear wearing a hockey mask creeps people out.

Xian and Hotaru bicker constantly and Hotaru delights in screwing with his human host. Xian gives as good as she gets though and seems to be able to force Hotaru into the teddy bear. She often uses it as a form of punishment.

Despite their fights, Xian and Hotaru have grown close over the time they have spent together. The often lonely Xian knows that Hotaru is the one person that will always be there to keep her company when she finds it difficult to interact with the world and Hotaru knows that without Xian, he would probably be burning in a fiery hell pit right now.

Neither of them would ever admit it but Xian and Hotaru have become friends and each loves the other in their own peculiar and twisted way.


Xian: “What are you doing with that knife?”Hotaru: “Don’t worry about it”

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