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Let’s take a (sort of) break from the influx of insects to bring you a supporting character in Dragonfly’s story. Specifically his girlfriend, Nicole Alton.

Aspiring investigative journalist Nicole Alton didn’t always play such an important part in Dragonfly’s life. In fact, while she and Alex McKnight (Dragonfly’s civilian identity) have been friends for a long time, Nicole was unaware that her friend was Dragonfly and actually didn’t like the so called hero or any of the growing number of insect meta’s. Mistrust and outright hatred of the insectoids was not an uncommon mindset among the general population until relatively recently, thanks to several large scale attacks on various cities by the Locust King and his army of drones.

Nicole, showing her skill for investigative journalism, eventually discovered Dragonfly’s secret identity. The fact that Dragonfly turned out to be a close friend was initially an emotional gut punch and Nicole, feeling betrayed, came very close to releasing the story to the public. She ultimately decided not to go through with it however, thanks in no small part to an emotional confrontation with Alex. For a brief time afterward, the secret revealed threatened to dissolve the friendship between Nicole and Alex but with no more secrets between the two, they ultimately grew closer and even began dating.

Since then, while Nicole had some initial reservations about the relationship, the two have become all but inseparable and have worked together on many investigations. Nicole’s attitude towards the general insectoid population has now done a complete 180 after meeting many of them and she has become one of their strongest and most vocal supporters.

Nicole Alton



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