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Sasha Clifford was working as a bartender at a local Arizona State University bar while struggling to complete her studies at Northern Arizona University. Sasha always closed the bar on Friday and Saturday nights. One night while she was walking home after closing a few drunk frat boys tried accosting her, but she managed to pepper spray them and run away. Fearing they would chase her to her apartment and not wanting them to know where she lived, Sasha took a series of alleys to her apartment and fell over a large rock. Picking the pretty rock up, which happened to be irradiated moon rock from an asteroid, Sasha felt suddenly ill. Managing to get to her apartment Sasha was sick for a few days and when she felt better, her GorWol trait manifested giving her some photonkinetic and umbrakinetic powers.  Moonlighting as a vigilante for a few months Sasha interviewed for and was accepted as a member of the reformed Stark City Sentinels meta hero team. Equinox has some light and darkness control powers. She can absorb light and redirect it as an energy blast, can go almost invisible and heal herself in the presence of light.  Her darkness powers allow her to create a total blackout, blind people and teleport short distances through shadows.  Since joining the Sentinels Equinox has become proficient in Kung Fu and security systems.×343.png

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