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Blue Blazer

Alias: Guy Galaxy
Real Name: Rick Sanders
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: able to emit astral energy
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: none
Other Aliases: none
Status: active
This is the transcript of the interview conducted by Caligo City Council of the superhero Guy Galaxy concerning his entry for Caligo City’s champion. All questions were asked by Council Chairman and Mayor Ralph Logan.

Mayor Logan: Good afternoon.

Guy Galaxy: Good afternoon, Mr. Mayor.

ML: It’s morning, Guy.

GG: Er, so it is!

ML: Guy, were you aware that Caligo City’s colors are blue, red, and gold?

GG: I was very much aware of that, Mr. Mayor. And wodnerful colors they are. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of each in the waiting room outside….oh, crap.

ML: Yes, we would like to see our new champion wear these colors to show that he or she is a true spokesman and representative of our fair city. I have noticed that you are wearing black and yellow.

GG: And white.

ML: Yes. Anyway, can you please tell the council why you feel that you deserve to be our new champion?

GG: Well, because I really want to be. Say, are there any dental benefits that go along with this?

ML: No. What are your powers, Guy, as if it matters at this point?

GG: An excellent question, Mr. Mayor. I can project what I like to call “star fire” from my hands. It’s an energy that scientists have likened to that which is emitted by stars. It’s a powerful weapon against any and all of my enemies.

ML: I see. Are there any more questions from the council before we excuse Mr. Galaxy?


ML: Yes, well that will be all. Thank you for your entry. We’ll let you know our decision once all interviews have been conducted.

GG: I’ve got a good feeling about this…