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Blue Blazer

Code Name: Ground Pounder
Real Name: Brock Brogan
Genre: Anti-terrorist
Powers/Special Skills: Uncanny strength; expert marksman
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: “Penelope”
Affiliations: US Marine Corps; The Dogs of War
Other Aliases: The Big Gun
Status: active
Brock became famous in his Marine Corps division for being the biggest, baddest, toughest they had to offer. He was always the first to run into a firefight and the last to retreat, always scouring the battlefield for injured fellow Marines to haul to safety. His overall badassery, bravery, and honor made him the Corps’ ideal representative to serve on the Dogs of War, a hyper-elite group of anti-terrorist soldiers from each branch of the military. Brock’s weapon of choice is an enormous rifle that he has affectionately named “Penelope,” and which he treats like the only thing he truly loves in the world. Although Brock’s official code name is Ground Pounder, he has been dubbed “Big Gun” by his fellow Dogs, for his massive firearm, his intimidating stature, and possibly for another, well, unmentionable reason…