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Blue Blazer

Name: Gridlock (V1)
Genre: Robot Assassin
Powers/Special Skills: none
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: various built-in weapons; armor provides resistance to heat, cold, radioactivity; bulletproof; laser sight
Affiliations: The M.A.C.H.I.N.E.
Other Aliases: none
Status: targeting Rage
The Gridlock V1 is the M.A.C.H.I.N.E.’s first prototype assassin robot. It was, in fact, the organization’s only robotic assassin, since the vigilante Rage brought down the entire facility. But little does Rage know, the Gridlock survived the onslaught, and is now on the last mission it was programmed to perform – assassinate Rage.

The Gridlock V1 is equipped with various onboard weapons, as well as bulletproof plating and a laser eye that reduces miss probability.