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The start was ceremonial as they both cut there fingers with there own blades.
Facing each other the many “insults” where repeated, with some how made then feel ever more trivial.

“Can’t we stop this? it was only a little spillage nothing really.
I don’t what to see him dead for it.” i asked Ragnheior.

“No Valius we can’t, this fight it has nothing to do with you getting mead down your chest.
For years Iarrarl and Bjarkmar’s daughter Amalie have fancied each other but
Bjarkmar has spent years trying to keep the two of them apart.” she answered.

“So she going to kill him, cutting Gordian Knot so to speak.”
Ragnheior nodded.

“Yes she’s going to kill him…”
The sound of Iarrarl’s spear whistleing thru the air stopped our chat, the duel had started.

Bjarkmar waved out from the spears path and darted forwards.
A lighting fast trust hit Iarrarl’s forarm opening in a wide gash.

As she jumped away a second thrust came sliceing half her left ear away.

Bleeding she wheeled her sword around, smashing it into the side of Bjarkmar face spitting open his jaw hinge.

A wild trust impaled the stone tipped spear in to Iarrarl’s hand.

Iarrarl roared in pain as she swung back at him, her blade hit his arm with the strength of a wild she bear, severing the limb at the shoulder.

Bjarkmar stared on dumb struck as the remains of his arm as gouts of blood pouring from the ruined stump.

With a final thrust Iarrarl drove her blade through Bjarkmar’s mouth shattering teeth and bone until it exited through the back of his neck.

For a moment Bjarkmar stood up right with the blade stuck in him as his eyes rolled back before he collapsed.

Iarrarl panted as she dripped sweat and blood from her wounds.

With a grunt she pulled the blade from the remains of Bjarkmar’s spinal column…