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Nuada Airgetlám

Nuada is one of the Irish deities the Tuatha Dé Danann and, for a time, their king. During battle with the Fir Bolg, a race of beings inhabiting Ireland before the Tuatha Dé’s arrival, Nuada lost his arm. This forced Nuada to forfeit his right to rule (the rule being the king must be un-maimed). In his place, Bres, the half-Fomorian (yet another race, which inhabited the sea around Ireland) to charge and proved himself to be a tyrant. Nuada’s arm was replaced with one made from silver, which served like a real arm when attached. This allowed Nuada to usurp the throne back from Bres.

His sword is one of the Four Treasures of Ireland, The Sword of Light. It is said that once it was drawn, no man could turn away from it and it would always deal a fatal blow. Usually cleaving the victim in two.


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