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Yeah its a hot world, their head tubes are the ‘exhausts’ of a complicated cooling system that keeps their body temperatures regulated. Although they are not truly cold blooded, extreme cold render them somewhat sluggish as their internal system is only designed to coll, not heat. Any Ak’vir settlements on a cold/ice world look like gigantic greenhouses from a distance, filled with a steamy sub-tropical environment.

The diplomat is quite overdressed for an Ak’viran, who usually favour light, sleeveless tunics and sandals/light boots.

Also, note that the Ak’vir female has a much higher brow than the male,this is due to female Ak’vir being much less stocky than males and their possession of an enlarged frontal lobe. It is speculated (and alluded to in legends) that at one point female Ak’vir possessed extraordinary psychic abilities which they have long since lost.